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Interrelationship between Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Diseases

Pimpimol Yooprasert, Monchai Siribamrungwong

Citation Information : Yooprasert P, Siribamrungwong M. Interrelationship between Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Diseases. Int J Experiment Dent Sci 2013; 2 (2):110-117.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10029-1051

Published Online: 01-06-2016

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2013; The Author(s).


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Yooprasert P, Siribamrungwong M. Interrelationship between Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Diseases. J Experiment Dent Sci 2013;2(2):110-117.

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