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Associations between Periodontal Disease Parameters and Coronary Heart Disease in Greek Adults: A Cross-sectional Study

Nikolaos Andreas Chrysanthakopoulos, Aggelos Antonios Oikonomou, Panagiotis Andreas Chrysanthakopoulos

Citation Information : Chrysanthakopoulos NA, Oikonomou AA, Chrysanthakopoulos PA. Associations between Periodontal Disease Parameters and Coronary Heart Disease in Greek Adults: A Cross-sectional Study. Int J Experiment Dent Sci 2015; 4 (1):4-10.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10029-1087

Published Online: 01-06-2017

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2015; The Author(s).



Several forms of periodontal disease have been associated with the development of coronary heart disease. The current retrospective study was conducted to investigate the possible relationship between periodontal disease parameters and defined coronary heart disease (CHD) in Greek adult patients.

Materials and methods

The study sample consisted of 880 individuals, 400 males and 480 females, aged 40 to 78 years. Data were collected by means of an interviewer administered questionnaire and an oral clinical examination. Statistical analysis of the questionnaire items was performed by using multiple regression analysis model in order to assess possible associations between coronary heart disease as dependent variable and epidemiological variables, biomarkers and periodontal disease parameters as independent variables.


The occurrence of hypertension (OR = 0.01, 95% CI = 0.09-1.33), high level of triglycerides (OR = 0.08, 95% CI = 0.06-2.27) and total cholesterol (OR = 0.08, 95% CI = 0.07- 1.27), low level of high-density lipoprotein (OR = 0.12, 95% CI = 0.09-3.70) and smoking (OR = 1.83, 95% CI = 0.38-8.88) were significantly associated with the presence of coronary heart disease, whereas the periodontal parameters examined were not associated with the occurrence of it.


No associations were observed between periodontal disease parameters and defined coronary heart disease. However, the recorded associations strengthen the role of hypertension, lipids and smoking as causative risk factors of coronary heart disease.

How to cite this article

Chrysanthakopoulos NA, Oikonomou AA, Chrysanthakopoulos PA, Saini R. Associations between Periodontal Disease Parameters and Coronary Heart Disease in Greek Adults: A Cross-sectional Study. Int J Experiment Dent Sci 2015;4(1):4-10.

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