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Effect of Blood Contamination and Decontamination Procedures on the Microtensile Bond Strength of a New Self-etch Adhesive: An in vitro Study

  • 2.
    Antibacterial Efficacy of Neem, Triphala, Green Tea, and Combination of Neem with Triphala Extract against Enterococcus faecalis: An in vitro Study

  • Abhinav C Singhal

  • Aditi S Jain aditijain300789@gmail.com

  • Jayesh Tiwari

  • Pratik Surana
  • 3.
    Innovative Periodontal Surgery by Monocortical Corticotomy in Management of Bimaxillary Protrusion Cases: A Clinical Study

  • Mohinder Panwar mpanwar2003@gmail.com

  • Dhruv Dubey

  • Manab Kosala
  • 4.
    Twin Occlusion in Maxillary Overdenture with Access Posts and O-ring Attachments in the Rehabilitation of Hemimandibulectomy Patient

  • KV Arun Kumar prarun2009@gmail.com

  • Virender S Legha

  • Dinesh K Saini

  • Vinay N Wadhwa

  • Abir Sarkar

  • Pramod K Chahar
  • 5.
    Thalassemia Major and related Dentomaxillofacial Complications: Clinical and Radiographic Overview with Reference to Dental Care

  • 6.
    Resorbable vs Non-resorbable Barriers with Immediate Implantation after Functional Loading under Overdenture

  • Sahar Elkholy dr-saharelkholy@hotmail.com

  • Hussein Elcharkawi
  • 7.
    Periodontal Status and Relation with Salivary Total Antioxidant Capacity after Green Tea Consumption in Smokers

  • Sedigheh Bakhtiari

  • Somayyeh Azimi somayyeh.azimi@uwa.edu.au

  • Zahra Mansouri

  • Mahshid Namdari
  • 8.
    Verification of the Accuracy of Electronic Mandibular Movement-recording Devices: An in vitro Investigation

  • Swati Ahuja sahuja@uthsc.edu

  • Mark Scarbecz

  • Heath Balch

  • David R Cagna
  • 9.
    Depth-of-cure of Bulk-fill Composites Cured in Tooth or Opaque Substrate

  • Brent W Church

  • Daranee Tantbirojn

  • Thuydung Do

  • Martha H Wells

  • Antheunis Versluis antheun@uthsc.edu
  • 10.
    Esthetic Rehabilitation of an Orbital Defect Secondary to Surgical Management of Rhabdomyosarcoma

  • KV Arun Kumar prarun2009@gmail.com

  • Virender S Legha

  • Abir Sarkar

  • Pramod K Chahar

  • Vinay N Wadhwa vnw2312@gmail.com

  • Dinesh K Saini
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